Acrylic buttons became an important accessory product that entered our daily life thanks to its brightness after the discovery of acrylic. Acrylic buttons are always a preferred type of button because of their striking brightness, shatter resistance, light weight and easy formability, and are never outdated. Acrylic button models and varieties have a wide range of products from matte acrylic button models to transparent and glass-looking acrylic button models. The product range can be determined as wide as the design can be drawn and processed into molds according to the demands of the producers and customers.

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  1. Where to use acrylic buttons?

    Acrylic buttons are more used in women’s jackets and accessories as they stand out with their brightness. Women who want to draw attention to the clothes decorated with acrylic buttons to help women. In general, acrylic buttons are widely used in women’s jackets, children’s clothing and women’s accessories. Acrylic buttons are also used by artists in ornaments. A wide variety of beads and tie tips can also be made from acrylic.

  2. In which material is the usage of acrylic buttons?

    Although acrylic is a polymer material, it can be obtained in different ways. It has a durable and glossy structure and is resistant to tensile. Acrylic material was first discovered in 1928 by different chemists. It was used in both cannons, submarines and planes by both allies and allies during the Second World War. Today, there is a wide range of applications from aquariums to medals and trophies.

    In the production of acrylic buttons, Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN) is also used according to the button model. As in acrylic, Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN) has a high transparency, high hardness, pleasant gloss and scratch-resistant structure. Thanks to its acrylic-like structure, Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN) is used in many different fields, and has a wide range of applications from cosmetic packaging to kitchenware. As Plassan Button, we produce acrylic buttons in various models from both acrylic and Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN) materials for our valued customers.

  3. How to produce acrylic buttons?

    We provide our raw materials used in our acrylic buttons from our distinguished and imported suppliers. As a result of the work of our quality control team, we produce acrylic buttons of optimum quality for our valued customers. Thanks to the steel molds produced by our expert staff in our own mold department, we can design the buttons as we wish. Our acrylic buttons are produced by taking into consideration the appropriate temperature, humidity and ambient conditions. Acrylic buttons separated from their clusters are ready for final quality control in drying machines. The products approved by the quality control team move to the packaging hall and set off towards our valued customers.

  4. Akrilik düğmeler neden tercih edilir?

    As Plassan Button, our acrylic buttons do not crack, shatter, scratch and protect their brightness and form under high temperature without losing. Our acrylic buttons are specially designed and processed into molds according to the request of our customers. Acrylic buttons can be made from 14 sizes to 76 sizes and are designed and dyed according to the colors our customers request. In addition to this, our transparent snap fasteners are produced by using special raw materials. Although it is a transparent material, it is preferred because of its hard and unbreakable property.

  5. Why acrylic buttons are preferred?

    As Plassan Buttons, our acrylic buttons are designed by our customers, usually either 2/4 holes or shank buttons from the bottom and left with the beauty of its natural appearance. Although our acrylic buttons do not contain lead, metal and other heavy metals, their production is carefully followed in an environmentally friendly manner. As Plassan Button, we are proud of our sensitivity to the environment while satisfying our customers.

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