Buckles are simple tools for securely connecting two different ends to each other in a convenient and ergonomic way. Buckles are produced in various and models according to the style to be used. Buckles have been used for different purposes throughout history, but it is known that it was first used in clothing in the 17th century to provide security in military clothing. Thanks to its safety and durability, the buckles then entered the daily life of all of us, adding style to our fashion thanks to their designs.

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  1. Where to use polyester buckles?

    Polyester buckles and rings are especially used in overcoats, coats, women’s dresses, belts and accessories in multiple types of clothing. Thanks to their durability and outstanding design, it is clearly known that clothing is a complementary accessory, of course, when a coat or belt of a coat is fastened, the buckle itself is of course at the forefront. Buckles produced in different shapes, different sizes, different raw materials and different ornaments directly affect the style of the clothes but also determine the fashion. Belt buckles which are especially important in women’s and men’s clothing, can only be successfully combined with an eye-catching buckle.

  2. What materıals used to produced polyester buckles?

    Polyester buckles are produced just like polyester buttons. Mother of pearl essence, pigment dye and necessary hardeners are added to the liquid polyester from our selected suppliers in our roller machines in our production line. This polyester mixture which is mixed in these cylinder machines in the manufacturing room is then hardened and polyester sheets are obtained. Polyester sheets can simply be described as hardened polyester sheets. Then, polyester sheets obtained in accordance with the request of our customers are cut in suitable shapes and with precision with laser. Finally, according to the brightness (matte or glossy) polishing process is made. At the end of this polishing process, polyester buckles are quality contolled and produced with Plassan quality.

  3. How to produce polyester buckles?

    Polyester buckles are made of polyester casin or polyester rods. After these processes made by the machines, they reach the desired form through the laser machine. Then, according to the desired brightness is made to be matte or shiny. Ready-made polyester buckles move to the packaging section after quality control.

  4. The reason of choosing to use of polyester buckles?

    Thanks to their bright appearance, polyester buckles stand out in coats, coats and overcoats, but also highlight the person who wears it. Polyester buckles, which are frequently preferred especially in women’s coats, also help in adjusting the clothes. Polyester buckles that can add value to clothes both functionally and are an indispensable accessory of everyone.

  5. What is difference of Plassan button on production of Polyester Buttons?

    We can manufacture in any size, color and shape our customers requires. We eliminate the problem of lack of product continuity, which is a shortage of imported goods in the market. As Plassan Button, we are proud to complete many garments which are bags, overcoats, coats and belts with polyester buckles which are our own production.

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