Metal buttons throughout the history of women, men, children’s clothing and accessories have been indispensable because of the quality. Metal buttons have always been preferred by high classes such as the royal family because of their luster and have been appreciated by people for their style. Accordingly, we offer a metallized button that is lighter and softer, as it is difficult to carry due to its weight and is limited in shape due to being very hard. We know the value of the metalized button within Plassan Button and we continue to maintain this value.

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  1. What materials used to produce metalised buttons?

    We are carefully following each step in order to provide the best and highest quality service in our metalized button production. We use the highest quality Acronitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) from our special suppliers as raw material in our metallized buttons. In order to minimize the environmental impact of our metalized button production and to reduce our carbon footprint, our raw material suppliers are selected by a special committee and only the materials passed through our quality controls are used.

  2. How to produce metalised buttons?

    For the production of metalized buttons in different sizes and models, as Plassan Button, we prepare our button molds made by our professional and expert staff according to the desires of our valued customers. After the injection processes carried out at optimum values in our domestic production injection machines, they are coated with electrolysis method and become metalized buttons.
    Metalized buttons can be produced as Plassan Button in the sizes, colors and models desired by our distinguished customers. In metalized buttons, the preferred colors are nickel, yellow, black nickel, oxide yellow, oxide nickel, but can also be produced as free nickel. Metalized button sizes are made from 14 sizes up to 76 sizes, but they are determined according to usage areas; As a matter of fact, it is used in a wide range of products from women’s clothing to women’s bags and even to men’s jackets. Metalized buttons are used not only for functional purposes but also for decoration, thanks to the good-looking and style it adds to textile products. Metallized buckles and buttons, which are used as ornament accessories in bags, are preferred according to the sewing method as with 2 /4 holes or shank buttons.

  3. Why metalised buttons are preferred?

    We produce our metalized buttons not only with metalized look but also with different look. These can be listed as follows; metalized-plastic combination , metalized-acrylic combination can be produced by combining with different types of buttons. Thus, we can create new designs suitable for all areas from our different kinds of buttons. All kinds of metalized buttons that we produce and mentioned about are preferred because of their lightness and they do not sag.

  4. What is difference of Plassan button on production of metalized buttons?

    As Plassan button, we are proud to offer you the most quality, most diverse and most environmentally friendly metalized buttons with our experienced production team, expert quality control staff and domestic machines.

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