Plastic buttons can be counted as indispensable accessories of our daily lives. Plastic buttons give us style in many areas of our lives thanks to their ease of use, light weight, easy sewing and wide range of designs. Since plastic buttons can be produced in any desired type and model, plastic button designs are completely up to the imagination of the manufacturer and the customer. The fact that plastic buttons can be produced in endless design explains why plastic buttons are so much in our lives. We are proud to be Turkey’s first domestic plastic button factory.

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  1. Where are plastic buttons used?

    Plastic buttons can be used in baby clothes, sweaters, pants, bags and many other accessories. Animal shaped plastic buttons are used especially in baby clothes, while more prominent designs are used in men’s sweaters. Accessories decorated with plastic buttons used by many designers are also used in ornaments that decorate our home and change the atmosphere of the environment.

  2. Which substances are used in the production of plastic buttons?

    The plastic buttons we produce as Plassan Buttons are produced from Polyamide 6. Polyamide 6 was discovered by G. Farben den Schlack in 1938 and then it was used in many different sectors. Polyamide 6 raw material is used in textile sector as well as in automotive sector, pipe sector and maritime sector. Today, the production of polyamide 6 is mostly made by German companies and is estimated to be 1.5 million tons per year.

  3. How are plastic buttons produced?

    We buy the polyamide 6 raw material used in our plastic buttons from our distinguished and high quality local suppliers. The raw materials we have received are approved by our quality control team after successful analysis and transferred to the production area for use. While we are manufacturing plastic buttons, we pay attention to quality as well as to protect the environment. As Plassan Button, we follow every step of plastic button production closely and pay attention to the environment as little as possible. It is one of our missions to reduce our carbon footprint, to avoid the use of environmentally harmful substances and to protect the environment as much as possible. Phthalate or carcinogenic substances are not used in any of our plastic buttons and there is no harm to human and environment.

  4. Why are plastic buttons preferred?

    In the next stage of our plastic button production, the approved raw materials are transferred to the steel molds prepared by our own expert team by injection. Optimum temperature, humidity and many parameters are kept constant in our production system to produce the highest quality and most error-free product. Our plastic buttons, which come out in clusters, are separated by machines. Once again, plastic buttons are subjected to our quality controls and then dyed with water  to the colors our customers requires. After being carefully dried in the drying machines, the plastic buttons, which complete their final controls, are prepared in the packaging hall and set out for our valued customers.

    As Plassan Button, our plastic buttons are manufactured in a way that they will not break, crack and lose their design. Although it does not melt even in industrial irons, it always maintains its form. Our plastic buttons are specially drawn and processed into molds according to the request of our customers. Plastic buttons can be made from 14 sizes to 76 sizes and are dyed  according to the colors our customers requires. However, our plastic buttons can be produced in the desired color within the  original color. Generally, the plastic buttons used are perforated from the bottom or top, but can also be offered to our customers as two-layer plastic buttons or three-layer plastic snap buttons according to the desired design.

  5. What is the difference of Plassan Button in the production of plastic buttons?

    As Plassan Button, we are also able to manufacture customized buttons for the names of our customers with our designs and logo works on our plastic buttons. As Plassan Button, we take pride in dealing with each of our customers, understanding their needs and making customized plastic buttons.

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