Although the rod buttons are initially thought of as rod-shaped buttons, they actually have this name because of the way they are in production. Rod buttons produced as polyester buttons have always been one of the buttons used in fashion due to their different structures. Polyester rod buttons are often used as semi-mat finished and left in their own texture. Thus, it always left its mark on the clothes used on its design.

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  1. Where to use rod buttons?

    Rod buttons are generally used in textile products made of beige, black and similar colors due to their natural appearance, while they are used to create stylish designs in textile products of different colors. Polyester rod buttons are often used in outerwear, jackets, coats and many other men & women’s clothing. Especially because of its natural appearance, it is also preferred in ornamental items.

  2. What materials used to produce rod buttons?

    Polyester raw material has been discovered recently and has been used in many different sectors following its discovery. One of the areas where polyester is used is fashion. As anyone who follows today’s fashion will know, it is possible to find polyester in buttons used in textile as well as in many fashion accessories. There are many different methods of polyester production and it shows the quality of polyester compared to the other substances added. It is known that not only the ingredients in it but also the method used to obtain the liquid polyester are directly effective on the quality of the polyester.

  3. How to produce rod buttons?

    In our production facility,  pigment dye and hardeners are added to the liquid polyester, which we procure from our specially selected suppliers. The resulting mixture is mixed until the desired properties are obtained by the machines on the production line. It is then poured into aluminum rods to produce unique mosaic patterns. Upon request of our customers, we are able to produce rod buttons of different sizes using different width of aluminum bars. These rods are cut to the desired thickness by moving towards the cutting machines in the second part of our production line. These sections are called button blanks. Once the button blanks have reached the desired hardness, they are proceded into the button making machines in order to obtain the model desired by our customers. After the shape and holes of the button are made, the final touches of the button end the production process.

    The rod buttons are processed to be shiny or mat after the manufacturing process. The shineness of the rod buttons generally increases the strikingness of the rod button on the garment used, but adds a distinctive style to the garment. The rod buttons, which are generally used as mat, provide integrity with the garment and reveal its harmony with the fabric. Rod buttons, which are generally used in winter clothes such as coats , are produced as a little thicker than the other button types.

  4. What is difference of Plassan button on production of rod buttons?

    As Plassan Button, we are proud to be able to offer you the best quality rod button types and models by carefully following every step in our production line and continuing production with the tests of our quality control team.

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