The shirt first appeared as an underwear worn through the head without shirt buttons on the front. Towards the 1900s, shirt buttons were added to the front and began to be used as a new outfit. In the 1950s, shirt collar was added and long and short sleeve shirts took important steps towards becoming the preferred clothing in many parts of the world. With the introduction of shirt usage, shirt designs, shirt fabric patterns and shirt buttons that complement all the visuals became important in fashion. Although it is mostly classified as short-sleeved and long-sleeved, there are many more classes of shirts. The shirt buttons to be used for each type of shirt also differs from each other.

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  1. Where to use shirt buttons ?

    Shirt buttons are used in men’s shirts, women’s shirts and children’s shirts in different sizes, colors, patterns and number of holes. The shirts which are used and preferred by people of all ages are an outstanding outfit thanks to the shirt button on the shirt. Even plain shirts in plain colors can make a difference with the design shirt buttons on them. Since this differentiation is evident even in solid color shirts, the difference between special patterned shirts is already blinking to us. For this reason, many assertive shirt manufacturers prefer specially designed shirt buttons that will make them stand out even for the simplest shirt models.

  2. What materials used to produce shirt buttons?

    Shirt buttons that we manufacture as Plassan Buttons are made of polyester. Although polyester material appeared in the 19th century, it is used in many different fields today. While liquid polyester is used in many industries today, it is also preferred as raw material for many different accessories in textile. There are many different ways to obtain liquid polyester and the quality varies according to the ingredients it contains. As Plassan Button, we supply the best quality polyester raw material to provide our customers with the best quality shirt buttons from our distinguished suppliers.

  3. How to produce rod buttons?

    The mother of pearl essence, pigment dye and hardeners are added for the production of liquid polyester raw material which passes through our quality controls. This mixture poured into the cylinders we use in our production line is mixed in the cylinders. The resulting cured polyester mixture is called polyester sheet. These polyester sheets are cut according to the order given by our customers. The resulting button blanks are finalized by entering the last stage of the special button manufacturing machines. And finally they are polished to get th shiny effect. These polyester shirt buttons produced by our expert staff are then checked by our quality control team and transferred to the packaging department for packaging. Our shirt buttons are prepared to set out for our customers in this way.

  4. What is difference of Plassan button on production of rod buttons?

    Polyester shirt buttons are then prepared to be matte, shiny, colored or colorless according to our customers’ request. In general, bright colors and shirt sizes of 14 ”-16” or 14 ”-18” are preferred to complete the visual integrity of shirt buttons. Our customers who want to offer the best quality and the most stylish shirts to their customers can obtain the shirt buttons we produce specially from Plassan Button, which is the best quality button manufacturer in the desired size, color and design.

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